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McKnight’s Long Term Care Newsmakers Podcast: Changing the game by

Episode Summary

Leaders from skilled nursing provider Principle LTC and clinical trial coordinator Care Access discuss the evolution of their partnership. Principle played a key role in testing the efficacy of monoclonal antibodies used to prevent and treat COVID-19. After opening the doors to research, leaders are looking to build on their success with a new trial focused on an Alzheimer’s treatment. It might be just the beginning of a healthcare revolution.

Episode Notes

Seniors have long been underrepresented in the clinical trial process. Principle LTC CEO Lynn Hood, Principle LTC COO Joylin Nation and Tyler E. Miller, MD, Ph.D., director of patient access at Care Access, discuss their partnership and the role nursing homes can play in connecting seniors to potential new treatments. First, they tackled COVID. Now, they’re exploring whether a new Alzheimer’s drug can improve quality of life for staff, residents and their families. The result could lead to healthier seniors. It could also improve the reputation of participating nursing homes, who show their willingness to contribute to the community beyond their doors.

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